MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity MegaPack

$ 9.99 $ 84.96

NEW! Swappable MegaBack™ plates allow you to add a leather wallet, shatter-proof mirror and bottle opener to the back of your case in seconds!

The MegaPack includes one (1) MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case, one (1) Wallet MegaBack, one (1) Mirror MegaBack and one (1) Bottle Opener MegaBack.

  • A MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case with nano-suction back for hands-free selfies.
  • Premium Black Leather Wallet includes two pockets for holding up to 4 cards.
  • A Shatter-Proof Mirror for looking fresh before taking a selfie.
  • Steel Bottle Opener to show off in front of your friends at the next tailgate.

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