Questions About The Anti-Gravity Case

  1. I just opened the box. Why is the surface of this case so sticky?
    We put 3M tape on the surface of the case for protection, so the stickiness you feel in the first few days is from 3M tape, not the case itself.

  2. Does the case stick to all kinds of materials?
    No, it can only attach to the materials we’ve indicated, such as glass, wood, marble, tile, metal and non-porous plastics. Your new phone case loves flat, smooth, non-porous surfaces.

  3. How long does the case stick to the surface?
    This depends on how smooth, flat and non-porous that surface is. For surfaces like glass, for example, it will last as long as you want, as long as the environmental factors stay the same, including humidity and cleanliness.

  4. How does the case attach to things? Is it magic?
    Kind of. There are thousands of Nano-sized craters on the surface of the case, each working like a little vacuum. Push your phone case against a surface, and the air inside the crater empties out, creating a vacuum. All these vacuums, working together, hold up your case. This is how our phone case works without being sticky.

  5. Does the “stickiness” go away gradually?
    As long as you don’t damage the craters (see Question 4) and keep the phone case clean, the “stickiness” won’t die out.

  6. Why does it get dirty?
    There are thousands of Nano-sized craters on the surface of the case that can easily fill with dirt or dust, especially when the environment in which you use our case is dirty or dusty (you animal). Thus, we recommend that users clean their cases weekly.

  7. What materials can I use to clean the phone case?
    You can clean the case easily with a little bit of water. Just make sure that you don’t use a hard brush to clean it, as it could damage the case and its ability to stick. Our recommendation is that you simply use your own hands to clean the case gently, in the same way, you would handle a baby otter. But seriously, it's pretty easy, we've got a video tutorial on how to clean your Anti-Gravity Case.

  8. My phone slips from my butter fingers from time to time. Does the case protect the phone from being damaged when it hits the ground?
    The case has a certain level of resilience when dropped from normal heights but wasn’t designed with intense falls in mind.

  9. Can the case withstand heat or high temperature?
    Within reason. You can use our phone case in the kitchen, outside on a sunny day, or in the sauna. Keep it away from stove burners and the surface of Venus.

  10. Is there a warranty?
    If the phone case is faulty due to an error on our end, we will gladly exchange your product. If it is damaged due to your mistake (say, your butter fingers or a date with Fido's teeth), we cannot extend a credit or replacement.

    Questions About Mega Tiny

    1. Where was this phone case made and designed?
      It is designed in the U.S., partially manufactured in China, assembled in the U.S., and distributed worldwide.

    2. Do you have a distributor or retailer in our country? Where can I buy it in stores? Where can I buy it online?
      You can purchase our product on our official website (the site you're on). If you prefer buying locally, we have distributors and retailers in 48 countries so far. It’s a long list, so please email or . We’ll let you know the most convenient buying options for you.

    3. What’s the price of the model I want?
      Please check the available models and costs on our website.

    4. Does the price include tax?
      No, the price doesn’t include tax.

    5. Does the price include shipping? If not, how much is shipping?
      No, the price does not include shipping. Shipping cost depends on where you are located. If you purchase on our website, our system will calculate the most cost-effective shipping option for you. If you purchase from our partnered distributors or retailers, you will need to consult with them for potential shipping cost.

    6. Can I pay after I receive the product?
      No, you will have to pay the full amount to complete the purchase.

    7. What payment methods can I use?
      If you purchase our product on our website, you can pay with credit card, debit card, or Paypal. We don’t accept check, money order, or cash. If you purchased from our partnered distributors or retailers, you will need to consult with them for potential payment options.

    8. When will I get my shipment?
      It depends on how you purchased our product. If you purchased on our website, it will usually take around 1-2 weeks for free standard shipping (depending on where you live); if you purchased through our partnered retailers and distributors in your country, the shipping time depends on their own schedule.

    9. If I don’t like the phone case, can I return it and get a refund?
      Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns or give refunds for simply not liking it. We tell you everything you need to know about our phone case so that you can decide if it’s the right one for you.

    10. Why doesn’t the case come in more colors?
      The case is made of a special material that is hard to make into different colors. However, we have new color back plates coming soon that allow you to customize the back of your case.