MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity iPhone Cases

$ 29.99 $ 39.99

Mega Tiny Corp invented the Anti-Gravity Case, this is the only official version of the all new MEGAVERSE for iPhone 7/6S/6.

Now with more nano-suction surface area, new colors and swappable backplates, the MEGAVERSE™ Anti-Gravity Case™ is one case with many uses! It's perfect for hands-free use and for selfies. It sticks even better to windows, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets, tile, flat car dashboards and more!

The MEGAVERSE™ comes with 4 colored Backing Plates to match your iPhone to whatever you're in the mood for. (Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold). 

NEW! Swappable MegaBack™ plates allow you to add a leather wallet, shatter-proof mirror or bottle opener to the back of your case in seconds! MegaBack plates sold separately.

Get rid of your embarrassing selfie stick and switch to a Mega Tiny Anti-Gravity Case!

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